Prune Juice: A cleansing high fibre drink

California Prunes are one of our favourite ingredients here at APB Cook Studio. We began consuming them for their health benefits but have come to appreciate them for their versatility. Prunes lend themselves to a wide range of dishes and can be incorporated in our daily diet in many different ways. The best part is, unlike most health foods, they are actually delicious! Anyone who has tasted our delicious Tea Prune Cake or Tamarind and California Prune chutney will vouch for the fact.

We use sweet sticky California Prunes as a base for several chutneys, salad dressings and dips. Prunes being naturally sweet allow us to make these condiments without sugar. Now that summer is here and we all crave hydrating juices, coolers and smoothies, we’ve begun using prunes in a whole new way; to make a healthy summer drink. One glass of this high fibre drink is not only refreshing, but also cleansing and incredibly good for your tummy. It’s super easy to make! Here’s the recipe:

Serves: 1

3 California Prunes
1 cup chilled water or crushed ice
¼ cup warm water
Few mint leaves
1 goblet rimmed with kala namak and white pepper

Pour ¼ cup of warm water over 3 California prunes and leave them to soak for about an hour. (You can also do this process the night before or soak a larger batch and keep them in the fridge to be used whenever needed) After soaking the prunes will swell up and become soft. Blend these in a food processor along with some chilled water or crushed ice. Add some chopped mint leaves for added freshness and serve!