He Cooks!

Indian men are notoriously dependant on the fairer sex when it comes to food. While we’re used to seeing men in commercial kitchens, they seem quite at of place in a home kitchen. Very few of us have seen our fathers and brother cooking at home, helping out the women in the family or just fending for themselves. And really guys, being able to cook is empowering on so many levels; you have no idea what you are missing out on!

Men at work at APB Cook Studio

Let’s begin by discussing what being able to cook can do for you on an individual level. While cooking one becomes acquainted with the several ingredients and techniques that go into making a dish. Eating vada pao to kill untimely hunger pangs would seem like a convenient thing to do. If you try making that same vada pao you’d realise that it is extremely high on starch and carbs, gives you very little protein, the white bread is low in fibre and the batter absorbs a whole lot of unnecessary oil. Not entering the kitchen means you remain oblivious to what goes into all the food you eat! Once this awareness builds you will find yourself leaning towards healthier, holistic foods and staying away from junk. You just might stop reaching for those take out menus every time you are hungry. Especially if you live by yourself being able to cook will ensure you eat better and spend less on eating out.

Rushina teaching at Le15 Patisserie

That was the thought behind the first series of men’s cooking classes Rushina conducted at Le15 Patisserie last year, with the support of Pooja Dhingra. They were extremely successful, attended by men from all walks of life who learnt a lot and gave us very positive feedback. And now we are very excited to share that our men’s cooking classes are back! And the experience will be even better! Because in their new avatar at APB Cook Studio all the men attending will actually cook along with the instructor at their own stations. The learning experience will be extensive and hands-on andempower the guys that attend to learn cooking for the long term.

AND we’re conducting our very first men’s cooking class on the 7th of April!

Rushina has built the curriculum around a selection of dishes she calls template recipes. Each of these is constructed around easily available simple core ingredients; Potatoes, sausages, chicken, pasta and teaches a selection of simple and delicious dishes that can be mixed and matched into balanced meals for everyday cooking or snazzy fancy dinners to impress friends, family or the woman in their lives!

Jai Ranjit having a blast at APB Cook Studio

This is what Jai Ranjit, one of the first men to attend our classes had to say about his experience cooking at our studio; “APB is a brilliant idea, and works perfectly in the real world. I had a wonderful time cooking at the APB studio, learning new techniques and re-learning old ones. Our teachers were always mindful of skill-levels and more so about allergies. They ensured we worked safely and efficiently, with the right amount of individual and group focus. I cannot wait to get back into the APB kitchen for another round of food learning, the mental exercise always helps to work up a good appetite!

What’s more? Women absolutely love a man who can cook! Cook some simple potato wedges, garnished with herbs and served with a yogurt dip – which by the way is super easy and takes all of 20 minutes to do – and it will be appreciated much more than any fancy dish at a restaurant. Your mother, wife, girlfriend and even your daughter will definitely notice and appreciate the effort you’ve made.

So, if you’re one of those fellows who’s intimidated by cooking and keeps a safe distance from the kitchen we’re here to help! Come join our class!