Get Cooking with Extract of Natural Culinary Lavender


A distinct, sweet fragrance and vibrant purple hue of its flowers, makes lavender unmistakable. An ancient, much-valued ingredient that is more than 2000 years old, lavender’s popularity has spread across the globe, popular in aroma therapy, personal care products and as a flavoring. Until recently culinary-grade lavender was not available in India. One had to rely on friends carrying back the dried flowers or powder. Thanks to the introduction of SPRIG’s Extract of Natural Culinary Lavender, Indian cooks and bakers can now get really creative! The great thing about Lavender extract is that where the flowers or powder could result in an occasional overpowering, bitter flavor of lavender in dishes, the extract is far easier to work with. The best way to work with SPRIG’s Lavender extract is to use a few drops, depending upon the recipe, to infuse dishes delicately with its floral and sweet-citrusy flavor.

Lavender pairs brilliantly with dairy products, citrus fruits, various kinds of berries, herbs like mint, sage, rosemary and thyme, mild seafood, white meats and delicate flavours. And ever since we received our very own slim bottle of SPRIG’s lavender extract, we have been dreaming of what we can do with it!

Here are some of our ideas….

Lavender infused Béchamel Sauce – Infuse your Béchamel sauce with a drop or two of the extract and drizzle over pan-seared fish.

Grilled Chicken with Lavender Butter Sauce – Elevate the classic butter sauce with a few drops of lavender extract. Serve over succulent grilled chicken breasts.

Lavender Pepper Au Gratin – Make the classic dish of Au Gratin potatoes exotic with a few drops of Lavender extract.

Lavender Vinaigrette – Amp up the mundane vinaigrette with a dash of lavender and use over fruity green salads.

Lavender Phirni – Instead of rose or kevda infuse this delicate rice cream pudding with SPRIG’s lavender extract to give it an outstanding new twist!

Lavender Thandai – Peppery thandai gets even more intoxicating with the aromas of lavender!

Lavender Nankhatai – Think about delicately flavored nankhatai aromatic with the notes of lavender.

Lavender Sandesh – Strawberry, kesar and chocolate sandesh are great but lavender extract infused sandesh is a whole other story! Try it!

Lavender Orange Marmalade – The notes of lavender and citrus are a marriage made in heaven, add a few drops of lavender extract to your orange marmalade and savour this bouquet for breakfast every day!

Lavender Lemon Cheesecake – Infuse your lemon cheesecake with lavender extract for a beautiful new avatar of this favourite dessert.

We don’t know about you but all this ideating means it’s time to get cooking with lavender for us! You can too!

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