A Christmas Meal with Chef Ajay Chopra and Burgundy Box

APB Cook Studio’s Meet the Chef events are a series personally curated by Rushina with noted chefs and food luminaries she counts as friends. These events are designed to give food and cooking enthusiasts an opportunity to interact with some amazing chefs in the inspiring atmosphere of our state-of-the-art kitchen studio.

This December, Christmas came early to the studio. We put up the stocking, hung the wreath and draped tinsel all around.


We were going to celebrate Christmas the traditional way, complete with a proper roast and all the fixings. Helping us do that was Chef Ajay Chopra and Burgundy Box. A DIY meal kit delivery service, Burgundy Box sends all the ingredients, measured and prepped to cook up a fabulous meal.

Joining us for this session were some friends and guests, all passionate about food, always on the look-out for interesting developments that makes time in the kitchen easier and more fruitful.


Inside our boxes was everything needed for a lovely chicken roast and classic pudding from their special Christmas menu. Burgundy Box had packed whole chickens that once marinated were roasted in the oven. Chef Ajay demonstrated the technical aspects of seasoning, trussing and roasting a whole chicken.

Some of the amateur bakers in the group were thrilled to see the perfectly portioned out ingredients for the pudding with clear instructions on how to bake it.

Pretty soon, the studio was filled with the sounds and smells of 12 people getting their hands dirty, cooking up a perfect storm. To complete the meal were assorted vegetables like carrots, broccoli and zucchini that were quickly sautéed as a side dish.


With the chickens roasting in the oven and the pudding gently baking, everyone fell on the bread and moreish chickpea soup that Chef Prabhjyot had put together. Over animated discussions on (x, y, z), the minutes passed by and before they realized it, everyone was admiring their dishes, posing with it and enjoying the success of cooking up a whole roast chicken.



We love that the spirit of festivals is most strongly experienced around the table with friends and family and lots of good food. That afternoon was imbued with a Christmassy feeling that we are going to hold on to.


The recipe is specially crafted by Masterchef Ajay Chopra for the Christmas Season that will be introduced on the menu on 11th December and will be available till the end of the season. The set of two boxes contains all ingredients, freshly prepped to make a stuffed chicken with mashed potatoes turned vegetables and roast gravy. The dessert box equips you to make a traditional steamed Christmas Pudding.

The combined meal kit is priced at Rs 1350/-  and serves 4.
Enjoy the full flavors of the season of yuletide. Log on to www.burgundybox.in