A birthday cake for my daughter….

I’m not much of a baker, and in general shy away from making breads, cakes and other baked confections. This isn’t to say I don’t appreciate baked goods, because I certainly do. I have a mother and a husband who are expert bakers, and am surrounded by friends who effortlessly whip up tiered cakes and gourmet cupcakes. So for years now I’ve been – quite happily – at the receiving end of oven baked goodies galore and never really needed to bake.

This year my daughter had her first ever birthday party at the age of 5. We decided to do it at the studio since our kids had loved the idea of a mini chef birthday we had organised for another child. So excited plans were underway! And then my daughter announced that she wanted me to bake her birthday cake.

…. GULP!

We mothers cannot say no to our children, can we? We would do anything to bring smiles to their faces! So I decided to bake my daughter’s birthday cake. Taking it as a challenge, I planned and prepped, picking  a recipe, carefully measuring out ingredients, and donned my apron with much enthusiasm! I really wanted to bake that cake! And it didn’t seem as daunting a task as it usually did.

But I hadn’t baked in ages and was so out of touch. I got stuck with so many things, I would never have gotten that cake done in time if it hadn’t been for Harsha’s help. What I ended up with was far from perfect, a little crooked, unevenly iced. But its perfection came from the love that went into it. And my reward was  how excited my daughter was about her cake. No more ordering or buying from a store; these smiles that surrounded me were reason enough. I also realised that I needed the guidance from Harsha, I could not have done it without her. Many of the moms whose kids came for Natasha’s birthday expressed that they would love to bake cakes for their kids but don’t know how.

Baking a cake for my daughter brought back memories of my own childhood. My mother, who had no less than 4 children, religiously baked a cake for every one of us our birthdays. I remember almost every one of her whimsical handcrafted confections, and with each comes attached a memory of love, laughter, family and friends. As we gathered around the table to cut Natasha’s cake, I made a little pledge that this would be a tradition; birthday cakes would be baked by me here on in. Now that is the kind of birthday gift I would want to give my children every year, wouldn’t you?

I also asked Amal, our resident confectioner to create a class to teach Moms how to bake birthday cakes for their kids. I’m going, why don’t you join me? Have a look at the details here.


Happy Smiley Faces