Spicy SPRIG Sauces


Sometimes, we can’t help but think of how lucky we are to be living in such an exciting time in India’s culinary scene. We stumble upon new and exciting ingredients almost every time we are browsing online or the shelves of a supermarket! This time, we’re feeling a bit spoiled for choice because we found not one, but THREE hot sauces from SPRIG; Ginger Teriyaki, Chipotle Adobado and Bhut Jolokia.
Hot sauce or chilli sauce as they are called in India, have been around forever. In India, we love our chillies and rely on chilli sauces, and chutneys for our heat fix. We can hardly think of any home we’ve visited where we didn’t find a bottle of chilli sauce in the condiment tray at the table.
Recently however as Indians are discovering both World and Indian cuisines, we are going beyond the chilli sauce and seeking out specific options based on cuisine, type of chilli and fire power from various imported sources. That is why we’re really excited to share our indigenous discovery – SPRIG’s Ginger Teriyaki Sauce, the Chipotle Adobado Sauce and the Bhut Jolokia Sauce.
Hot sauces, aren’t always about intense heat and chilli alone, there’s another factor that makes you keep going back for more. We call it je ne sais quoi, but really its umami, one of the five tastes along with sweet, salty, sour and bitter. Most hot sauces harness this through the fermentation of the chillies. It is this element that is captured beautifully by SPRIG in their Ginger Teriyaki Sauce in which notes of saltiness and sweetness are highlighted by the bright, intense zing of ginger. The fine balance of flavours makes this sauce a fantastic all purpose sauce, Use it to brighten up breakfast eggs or perk up salads. It is versatile enough to use as both a marinade and a finishing sauce as well. We love chicken wings left to marinade in this sauce and then baked to crispness! But it’s also great to finish pan fried paneer or vegetables. Add a tablespoon or so when the vegetables are just about cooked! And since we’re never really ones to stick to traditional uses, can we recommend adding some to the batter for savory waffles, potato cutlets and maybe even burgers patties?

If you like your hot sauce to have a bit more heat, then we recommend SPRIG’s Chipotle Adobado sauce with the smoky fire power of Chipotle chillies! While ‘chipotle’, is likely to make you think of the fast food chain, there’s much more to chipotle the chilli. Chipotles are dried and smoked jalapeno peppers popular in Mexican cuisine. Once these peppers are dried and stripped of any kind of moisture, they are smoked slowly, developing deep, woody flavour notes. It is this intensity that makes SPRIG’S Chipotle Adobado ideal for being used as a marinade, not only for meats, but also with paneer and silken tofu. We would like to add here that just because this sauce has Mexican origins it shouldn’t just be restricted to Mexican cuisine! We added SPRIG’s Chipotle Adobado to our Sunday Mutton Curry, and had everyone requesting a repeat. And guess what? It’s the secret ingredient in our chana masala too! And while you’re on board with all our experiments, we should tell you that it intensifies the flavours of a chilli chocolate mousse as well!

Bhut Jolokia! Back in 2007, the bhut jolokia chilli topped the list as the world’s hottest chili pepper! Found in the states of Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Assam and Nagaland, this one’s definitely not for the faint hearted. While the chilli varietal was dethroned subsequently, it still rules. And for anyone that likes the fiery fruity notes of bhut jolokia, just a whiff of SPRIG Bhut Jolokia sauce is enough to tell you that it harnesses all that power! A sauce in which the Bhut Jolokia chillies are simmered with salt, sugar, vinegar and a special blend of spices results in a blazing hot condiment that thrills the palate. Just a few drops of SPRIG’S Bhut Jolokia hot sauce is enough to spice up an entire dish, but what we love most about it, is that it doesn’t overpower other flavours. We tossed up a quick Indian-style stir-fried chicken with mustard seeds and curry leaves and SPRIG’s Bhut Jolokia. A dash or two in a buttery honey sweetened concoction made for delightful sweet-chili popcorn. It also adds much-needed oomph to our khichdi dinners. And replaces chilli flakes on our takeaway pizza.

A bottle (or three) of this ingredients is sure to be a valued addition to your kitchen pantry. Pick it up online at www.sprig.co.in at a cool 20% discount by using the code ‘apbcookstudio’ at check-out. This offer is valid till 31st December 2016 only.