New Course: The Art of Chocolate by Chef Varun Inamdar

As part of our I ❤ Food festival for February 2016, we have curated an incredible course around chocolate. Taught by one of India’s foremost chocolatiers, Chef Varun Inamdar, this 2 day, hands-on course is a fabulous, one of a kind opportunity to discover the secrets of chocolate. This comprehensive, in-depth experience will turn amateur chocolate-makers into masters of the bean and bar. You will learn to work with chocolate in a one-on-one setting with an exclusive menu that will teach you nifty industry tricks and broaden your creative horizons. There are only 12 seats available so call us today to book your seat!


Day 1

Theory on the history and science of chocolate, difference between compound & couverture and proper handling of chocolate
Moulded Chocolates
(Strawberry Ganache/Vanilla Bean Ganache)

Hand-Cut Bar
(Fruit and Nut/Open Face)

Hand rolled Truffles
Dark chocolate-Espresso
Milk chocolate-Caramel fudge-Orange
White chocolate-Lemon-Wasabi

Day 2:

Chocolate Desserts
Gooey Chocolate Brownie
Chocolate Crème Brulee with Orange-Cocoa nib tuile
Varun’s signature Dutch Truffle Cake
Festive Mini-Cakes

8 Textures of Chocolate
(Plated dessert of shortcrust, chocolate caramels, milk chocolate-lemon mousse, cocoa nibs square, chocolate-poppy seed twigs, wasabi cocoa crumble, cocoa-dulce de leche cremeux, fresh raspberries, mint)