Decadent Dessert Toppings by SPRIG


Created in the French region of Brittany more than half century ago, salted caramel presently is an incredibly admired dessert ingredient garnering immense popularity with each passing day. Brought into main stream use almost a decade back, today numerous patisseries and ice cream parlours boast of a salted caramel variant on their menu selling like hot cakes.

The reason for salted caramel’s popularity lies in its heady aroma, delicate flavour as well as its decadent creamy texture and this is exactly why its preparation demands an expert hand. The blending of caramelised sugar with milk and butter has to be achieved at a very critical point, just when the sugar melts & turns golden but does not burn. Also, the addition of the right kind of salt in restrained amounts is an absolutely crucial step for achieving the perfect balance of sweet & salty flavours. One may argue why add salt to a sweet preparation? But, salt plays the role of a flavour enhancer making the palate more favourable to enjoy a strong sweet flavour especially that offered by an intense caramel.

The above procedure may sound like a tricky task to create the salted caramel at home. But, it is quite all right to obtain and use readymade salted caramel especially a high-quality one like SPRIG’s Classic Salted Caramel. This can be utilised as a dessert sauce, topping or even a spread and pairs brilliantly with dairy as well as bakery products.

Here are five interesting ideas for recipes one can easily create in their kitchen with Sprig’s Classic Salted Caramel:

1. French toast with salted caramel
Make breakfast a treat every day by simply topping the regular French toast with a dollop of Classic Salted Caramel.

2. Grilled chicken with salted caramel citrus glaze
Give the mundane grilled chicken a makeover with a light glaze of lemon-salted caramel sauce.

3. Salt caramel oats cookies
Transform boring oats cookies into delectable ones with a simple addition of the salted caramel to the cookie dough.

4. Salted caramel mousse
Pleasure the taste buds with a simple yet sinful concoction of egg whites, cream and salted caramel.

5. Salted caramel baked rasgullas
Wow the palate with baked rasgullas flavoured with a dash of salted caramel. Thank us later!


Pronounced “dool-ce day lay-che” this dessert topping is a close cousin to the salted caramel. Originating in Argentina, South America this luscious, sweet sauce is a sweetened milk reduction that has been subject to Maillard reaction very gradually (over a few hours). The sugars and amino acids steadily react with each other in a series of chemical reactions giving a distinct brown hue & a characteristic earthy caramel flavour. It is said that every South American country has their own recipe of arriving at dulce de leche, which is then used in a range of dishes like puddings, cakes, crepes, ice creams and much more.

SPRIG combines this spectacular sauce with stimulating vanilla to make it even more sumptuous to the taste buds. One can create some impressive desserts, even Indian sweets with SPRIG’S dulce de leche with Vanilla or simply choose to dig into it straight from the jar.
Here are five exciting ways of using dulce de leche to pamper the palate.

1. Dulce de leche barfi
Fruit flavoured, saffron laden barfis entice everyone, but dulce de leche barfi is taking indulgence to the next level.

2. Khari bites with dulce de leche
Give those puff pastry cravings a break with flaky khari biscuits topped with banana and drizzled with dulce de leche.

3. Dulce de leche mishti doi
Move over sugar or jaggery, we bet dulce de leche will make the mishti doi exceptional.

4. Dulce de leche biscuit pudding
Simply line a tray with alternate layers of biscuits of choice and dulce de leche and arrive at this heavenly treat.

5. Dulce de leche centred Cupcakes
Get everyone drooling with a scrumptious cupcake oozing with dulce de leche.

How would you use these fantastic ingredients? Let us know in the comments below.

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