Washington Apples at APB Cook Studio

What happens when an ingredient like the apple becomes the focus of an APB event?  Ask the 35 odd people who attended our Open House ‘Happy Apples Tiffin Treats’ demo powered by Washington Apples on 27thJune 2014!

Washington Apples sent us baskets full of Red Delicious and Granny Smith apples to play with. And we proved just how versatile and fun Apples can be. Now that schools across the city have re-opened, parents stress over packing healthy, delicious tiffins for their kids. Keeping the nutritional benefits of an apple in mind, we curated a Tiffin Treats demo; open to everyone who packs a tiffin.

After days of fielding calls and fast filling seats, two batches of people streamed in to savour a lovely session of culinary inspiration followed by a lovely tea. From the refreshing Apple and Spearmint sparkler that welcomed everyone to the wonderful spread laid out,  the signature APB touch was evident everywhere.

Our baker for the evening was Le Cordon Bleu trained Pastry Chef Tanvi Maniar of Fleur De Lys Patisserie. An APB protégé, she showed the participants how to make perfect pastry in her demonstration of an Apple Crumble Tart. While answering numerous questions over techniques, substitutions and availability of ingredients, she also whipped up a batch of eggless Apple Muffins that were perfectly moist and delicious.

As Tanvi worked, Rushina prepared and handed around little canapés of spiced apple chutney, topped with a candied walnut and pastry cream which became the dish of the evening. She then took over and assembled the Green apple and Feta salad for everyone present while providing information about Washington Apples, their use as the perfect snacking option, its versatile nature as an ingredient, more ideas on using apples and her secrets to making fun tiffins for kids.

Through the entire day, the warm, comforting aroma of apples being baked and stewed filled the studio; tantalizing guests and staff alike. Thankfully, the buffet table was laid out with a lavish spread of dishes like Chicken and apple sandwich with curried mayo, Vegetable and apple Russian salad sandwiches and sliced apples with salted caramel sauce. As always, the best sounds in the studio were those of people talking and eating happily.

As they left, each participant was handed a little goodie bag with apples in them. We hope kids across the city looked into their tiffin boxes and found apples in yummy dishes they enjoyed.