Hola Venky! @ the APB Cook Studio

Films and food are an age old combination. A movie becomes an experience only with a bag of crunchy popcorn. As a cook studio, we’ve had the food aspect covered perfectly for a while now, but the filmy element of this partnership has been sorely missing.

However we are extremely pleased to share that this oversight is soon to be rectified. On 6th April 2014, Sandeep Mohan and his new movie ‘Hola Venky!’ will visit APB Cook Studio as part of their ‘travelling cinema’ itinerary. And what way to better begin than this screening for a movie afternoon, APB style? What we love about Sandeep’s movies is that he always has a food connect in them, not an obvious one grant you, but food is intrinsic to people and the food references in his movies connect the audience in a very elemental way to the characters. In Love Wrinkle Free, it was momos and risqué edible underwear. In Hola Venky! we are told it less risqué filter coffee and cheese stuffed Pupusas. We will have to see it to find out more. But to welcome Sandeep and his movie in true APB style, we will serve up a delicious Mexican Fiesta featuring Pupusa of course to be washed down with South Indian Filter Coffee in keeping with the food theme of the movie.

About the Movie: Hola Venky! is the story of an Indian techie’s journey from ‘his groin to his heart’, that takes him from Mumbai all the way to the City by the Bay. Made in true indie spirit, this Nano (micro budget) film is set to find its audience through innovative channels that are re-defining the distribution model of indie films globally.

About Sandeep Mohan:  Hola Venky! is Sandeep’s second movie after Love Wrinkle Free.  Fiercely independent in thought and action, Sandeep has written, directed and produced this film, in guerrilla mode in San Francisco and Mumbai with a three-member crew on a shoestring budget of Rs. 10 lakhs! And in doing so, he has given the finger to many traditionally tedious and expensive aspects of film making; from the censor board, marketing and screening avenues.

He has opted out of traditional theatre releases to instead travel with his movie wherever it finds an audience in the spirit of the traditional Great Indian Travelling Cinema. So far, Hola Venky! has been screened at a home stay, cafe, in the lobby of a building, a corporate office a bed and breakfast and more such unusual venues. And now he brings his travelling movie to APB Cook Studio! So, food and movie aficionados, amateur film makers, promoters of innovation join us for a movie screening followed by munchies and a chance to interact with the amazing, extremely talented movie maker, Sandeep Mohan.

Date: April, 6th 5-7p.m.

Ticket Price: Rs. 500/ (plus taxes)- per head – inclusive of movie screening and Mexican themed High Tea.

Call 022-42152799 or email us at bookings@apbcookstudio.com to reserve a seat. (Confirmation on receipt of payment in cash, cheque or via wire transfer).

Hola Venky! T-shirts and Mugs designed by Studio Tikdam will be available for purchase.