Demo & Dine Session: The Archaeology of Food with Dr Kurush F. Dalal

Join us for a session with Dr. Kurush F. Dalal, Assistant Professor, Archaeology, University of Mumbai as he unravels the histories of our food patterns and choices based on archaeological, historical and anthropological data in a small attempt at recreating the foods that has made us who we are.

Indian culinary heritage goes back to over 200,000 years and records everything from food cultivation, preparation and cooking. Food History and Heritage Gastronomy are buzz words these days at a global level. Yet, Indian food history – one of the oldest and richest in the world – is relatively unexplored. We are unaware of our culinary roots beyond the recent history of royal courts of the Mughals or the Raj from the past few hundred years.

A large number of foods we take for granted today are not autochthonous (native). An enormous number of native foods are being forgotten at a murderously rapid pace. This event is a small beginning toward understanding our culinary roots. Beginning with a talk by Dr. Dalal, that will take participants on a journey back in time spanning as far back as over 2 lakh years ago to as recent as two hundred years ago, it will make a journey through time and space via the eating habits of our ancestors across the globe and specifically in the Indian sub-continent.

Dr. Dalal’s talk will be followed by a culinary demonstration in which Food writer and Consultant Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal will recreate select traditional recipes using forgotten ingredients. The session will end with a buffet lunch of vegetarian and non vegetarian dishes made using forgotten ingredients discussed in the talk.

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