Demo & Dine: Cuisine of the Seven Sister States of North East India

Piquant fish soups, fermented soybean paste, roast meats, braised greens, the legendary Naga chili, bamboo shoot pickles and smoked pork. Have we piqued your curiosity yet ? Then our first EVER Demo and Dine session is just the thing for you.


Conducted by Gitika Saikia, this session is designed to share insights into the cuisine of India’s 7 sister states through signature dishes from each of the states followed by a meal made using authentic ingredients and recipes. Gitika started out as a communications professional but this self-confessed food lover chose to take the path less trodden and give into her passion for food. A cookery show host, blogger and more, Gitika hails from Assam but is passionate about the cuisines of North East India and has recently chosen to evangelise them through food events around the city.

The session will start with a culinary demonstration of Dohneiiong; an iconic dish from Meghalaya of pork cooked with black sesame paste and Dau Jwong Sobai Jwong; a lovely chicken dish cooked with black dal from the Bodo community of Assam. Continuing on after the culinary demonstration participants will have a chance to dine on a special meal cooked by Gitika.

On the menu is Pasa; a delicious thin, herby fish soup from Arunachal Pradesh. Dohneiiong; a delightful pork-based dish cooked with black sesame paste from Meghalaya. Eromba; a signature chutney of Manipuri cuisine made from mashed veggies flavoured with ngari (fermented fish) and blazing hot chillies. Bai; a staple of Mizo cuisine which is a delicate broth made by simmering vegetables and rice with chillies and bamboo shoots. Accompanying this meal will be chutneys from Nagaland and Tripura.

Akhuni is a Naga fermented soya bean chutney while Mosdeng Serma is a tomato based chutney flavoured with dried fish and local herbs from Tripura. The meal will be served with rice.  It will end on a delicate sweet note with a dessert of puffed rice with cream and jaggery from Assam. 

The States of the North East (comprising of Assam, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Sikkim, Arunachal Pradesh, Nagaland and Manipur) are an undiscovered area of India with a rich culinary heritage that is relatively unknown. Come join us to discover a whole new dimension to Indian cuisine.

To register, please email us at or call us on 022-42152799. Registration is subject to payment and is on a first come first served basis only. For more details click here.