APB Culinary Legacy Series: Bengali Mohabhojon

The APB Culinary Legacy series of events celebrate the diversity of Indian cuisine through its home cooks. Born to preserve and propagate regional Indian cuisines that are slowly being forgotten, these events feature authentic ingredients and recipes often sourced directly from that particular region. This month we have Pia Promina bringing heirloom Bengali dishes to APB Cook Studio.

Pia Promina Das Gupta is the daughter of the legendary Minakshie Dasgupta, author of ‘Bangla Ranna’ one of the earliest books written on Bengali cuisine and the legend behind Kolkata’s iconic restaurant Kewpie’s Kitchen. Pia has inherited her mother’s fabulous culinary legacy and carried it forward. This month she presents a special menu for the APB Culinary Legacy series that features authentic Bengali recipes you will not find in restaurant menus.


1) Lau Shukto
(Traditionally a Bengali meal begins with a bitter element; here a preparation of bottle and bitter gourds.)

2) Bhaja
(A ubiquitous element on a Bengali table is the bhaja; seasonal vegetables that are shallow fried.)

3) Vegetable Paturi
(Pumpkin and ridge gourd flavoured with mustard and coconut, wrapped in banana leaves and steamed)

4) Chochori
(A dry mixed vegetable preparation seasoned with panch phoron; the traditional Bengali spice mix)

5) Biuli Dal
(Dal made with split white urad and seasoned with fennel seeds, ginger and green chilies)

6) Muri Ghonto
(An aromatic dish of fish head cooked with spices)

7) Daab Chingri
(Succulent prawns flavoured with coconut, green chilies, mustard & onion)

8) Mangshor Curry
(A thin, richly spiced curry of tender mutton and plump potatoes)

9) Khejur Gud Payesh
(A rice pudding sweetened with date palm jaggery)

10) Luchi
(Large, puffy, deep fried ‘bread’)

11) Steamed Rice
12) Chutney
12) Papad
14) Paan


Date: Sunday, 4th October 2015
Time: 12:00pm-3:00pm
Cost: Rs. 1200 plus taxes

For more information or to reserve a seat, please call us on 022-42152799 or email us at bookings@apbcookstudio.com