IFN And APB Community Cook-Ups at APB Cook Studio

It was a slightly rainy day on 1 September when the teams of India Food Network and APB Cook Studio came together to successfully launch #CommunityCookups, a series of events -demos, workshops and more – curated by Rushina that will celebrate food cultures and traditions across communities during Indian festivals. After all, this is the time when families, friends and communities together to prepare traditional treats for the joyous times ahead and that’s is what APB Cook Studio is all about.


The cook-up started off on a savoury note with Preetha’s Savoury Modak, Ulundu Kozhakattai, a regional speciality from Tamil Nadu in which a rice flour casing is stuffed with a tempered savoury Urad dal filling. It was a recipe that many of us saw for the first time and we are definitely looking forward to trying it again. Roopa Nabar, followed with an equally delicious recipe, of Patoli, in which rice flour batter and jaggery filling is stuffed in turmeric leaves and steamed to a fragrantly beautiful sweet treat, popular along the Western coast of India. Rushina could not resist getting in on the action here and jumped in to making a few along with Ritu and Preetha. And then came the amazing Archana Arte, who is a well known name for her channel celebrating Maharashtrian cooking. She taught us how to make the popular Ukadiche Modak.

It was a wonderful event that brought together an eclectic gathering in food lovers, bloggers and food enthusiasts from different communities and interestingly and encouragingly for us, different age groups as well. We were excited to welcome, food bloggers Saee Koranne-Khandekar (Myjhola) and Amrita Rana (Life Ki Recipe), Ritu Gorai of the JAMM mom’s network, the full-of-life Geetha Sreedhar, Sucheta of Vegetarianbhukkad whose mom sent us a bunch of fantastic ice cream to go with the Modaks. India Food Network chefs were touched by the response from the attendees. Archana Arte said, “I always read comments from my fans on India Food Network’s YouTube channel, but meeting them made me really happy.” Adding to this Roopa Nabar said, “Community cooking is an old tradition, but when I saw a 17-year-old in the attendees, it really touched me to know that we are successful in taking the tradition forward.”

For those of you not in the know, India Food Network is India’s oldest and largest digital food network with a fantastic lineup of chefs – home chefs and celebrity chefs. And it’s growing even more fantastic with more innovative food formats with IFN chefs cooking in their own kitchens as well as restaurant kitchens, and even viewers homes! They also recently launched an app to create a single destination for everything food so do check them out on www.youtube.com/indiafoodnetwork.


Here is a link to the video of the first of our #CommunityCookups.
Our next Community Cook-Up is planned for Diwali. Stay tuned for the details!