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Pulse of India : Pop-up meal by Rushina !

March 23 @ 6:00 pm - 8:30 pm

| ₹2500
Dal Spread

Bored with roz ki dal? You need not be! In India we have thousands of varieties of dal and even more dal based dishes! Join this all new Demo and Dine session with Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal to taste dal dishes from around india!

Today globally plant-based diets and plant protein based foods, are being hailed as a solution to future global hunger problems. But the Indian diet evolved to solve this problem eons ago. The use of Dals and the concept of Dal is rooted in the beginnings of Indian cuisine. Usage of Dal evolved with Indian Cuisine as it spread and diversified, adapting to locally available ingredients. Culinary exchanges through travel and trade expanded the repertoire of Dals we eat. Cultivated through millennia, today, dals form an integral half of the cereal-pulse combination that is the mainstay of the contemporary Indian diet. A go-to food they find their place in the kitchens of every Indian household. Dal is eaten in various ways as you travel around India based on local availability, season, cuisine, types of dal consumed, form the dals take and cooking techniques applied. The sheer variety of Dals – the umbrella term for dried legumes, pulses and lentils and ways in which they are consumed in India is formidable and this session is a way to discover dals from around India.

Note : This is a buffet style pop-up.
Total 20 seats are available.
Fee includes all taxes.

To book a seat, please call us on 022-4215 2799 or email us at bookings@apbcookstudio.com.


1.Kashmiri Rajma Gogji
A much loved comfort dish from Kashmir, in which Rajma (Red kidney beans) are slow cooked with Gogji (turnips).

2.Garhwali Tor ki dal
A robust Garhwali winter special made of Tor (whole pigeon pea)

3.Punjabi Mah Dal
The much loved creamy Udad and Rajma combination from Punjab.

4.Dal Gosht (Non-Veg)
Many regional cuisines that are meat based also cook dals with meat. Dal Gosht is a popular dish in many communities of India. Meat and split red lentils are slow cooked into this hearty, soul pleasing dish aromatic warming spices.

West & Central
5.Rajasthani Panchmel
A mix of 5 lentils moong, chana (split Bengal Gram), toor (split Pigeon Pea), masoor (Red Lentil) and udad (Black Lentil) cooked together.

6.Rangoon na Val
A legacy of the Columbian exchange, this little known dal is made of Lima beans and has a typical Gujarati culinary flavour profile with heat from chillies, sweet from jaggery, sour notes from tamarind.

7.Bohri Sarki
A Lentil based cold soup that is a speciality of Bohri cuisine.

8.Parsi Dhansak (Non-Veg)
A popular comfort food of the parsi community in which meat is cooked with lentils and vegetables and served with brown rice.

9.Irani channa dal with Kala Nimbu
A little known dish from

A populare Maharashtrian curry of sprouted pulses.

11.Valache Bhirde
A rustic curry of kadu vaal, a dal popular in Maharashtra.

12.Andhra Mango/Tomato Pappu
Andhra style Tur dal cooked with mango/tomato.

13.Kerala Parippu Curry
A speciality of Kerala Pparippu (dal) curry is one of the main dishes of Onasadhya in which mung dal is cooked with coconut and spices.

14.Kala Channa Sundal
Black (Desi) chickpeas sundal. Sundals are traditional dry legume based dishes flavoured with spices and coconut, popular in Tamil Cuisine as part of naivedyam (Prasad) for poojas.

15.Dalma from Orissa
A popular lesser known dal preparation from Orrissa in which dal and vegetables are cooked together and lightly spiced.

16.Bengali Muri Ghonto (Non-Veg)
Fish head dal in which fish heads are cooked with dal one of the rarees instances od seafood being cooked with dal.

17.Dau Jwng Sobai Jwng (Assam’s Bodo community dish) (Non-Veg)
hicken cooked with black lentils from Assams’s Bodo community.

Daalicious Desserts
18.Besan Laddus
Bengal Gram is cooked with ghee and sugar to make these ladoos.

19.Mung Dal Halwa
Moong dal slow-cooked with ghee sugar and lots of love.

20.Chana Dal Payasam
Chana Dal slow simmered with coconut milk and delicately spiced with cardamom.


22.Steamed Rice



March 23
6:00 pm - 8:30 pm
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Rushina M. Ghildiyal