Indian Home Cooking Course


Indian cuisine is one of the world’s most complex cuisines with its exotic aromas and complex layered flavors. It can also be the simplest if you understand it. Now acclaimed chef and culinary trainer Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal cuts out the fuss, sharing  the secrets of home-style Indian everyday cooking in her unique inimitable style.

This hands on short course  breaks down the various elements of a typical Indian meal into 6 sessions; each teaching the participant the process and rationale behind ingredients, techniques and flavour combinations. The curriculum begins with Understanding Ingredients, Handling Spices, Knife Skills, Base Preparations and then moves onto Lentil dishes, Vegetable Preparations, Rice dishes, Indian breads and Desserts. At the end, participants will be well versed in not just cooking the dishes taught but also in planning menus and applying the techniques to cooking on their own.

Day 1 

Identifying Ingredients
Understanding Spices (Uses, Roasting and Tempering)
Knife Skills
Base Preparations (Cooking Dal, Steamed Rice, Jeera Aloo, Mix Veg Raita)

Day 2: Lentil Preparations 

Tadka Dal
Sambhar (with Tur dal)
Dal Makhni
Rajma Masala

Day 3: Vegetable Dishes 

Leafy Greens
Aloo Gobhi
Mixed Vegetable in a Bhuna Masala gravy

Day 4: Rice Preparations 

Lemon rice
Vegetable Biryani

Day 5: Indian Breads

Stuffed paratha

Day 6: Desserts 

Saviyan Kheer
Rice Phirni
Sooji Halwa

Course Overview:

6 Extensive Hands-On Sessions
Convenient Timing from 11am-4pm
Over 18 Dishes
Participants take home what they cook
Cost of Course: Rs. 12,000 plus taxes*
*Inclusive of Lunch

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There are 10 seats available on a first come, first served basis only. 

Registrations will be subject to receipt of full payment in advance.
You can pay via cash, cheque or direct transfer.
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