Jenny Mallin and her book “A Grandmother’s Legacy” at the APB Cook Studio

This December, the APB Food Book Club brings to you a very special book, ‘A Grandmother’s Legacy’ written by UK-based author Jenny Mallin.

‘A Grandmother’s Legacy’ is a memoir of five generations who lived through the Days of the Raj. It offers a glimpse into the culture and authentic cuisine of the Anglo-Indian community of India. The book consists of over 500 Anglo-Indian recipes drawn from a recipe book dating back to 1844 that has been passed down through 5 generations of women in her family. The Anglo-Indian cuisine is the cuisine that evolved after the British came to India. A result of the fusion of British cuisine with Indian spices and ingredients.  

The origin of the story began in 1778 when Benjamin Hardy, a foot soldier in the British army, landed in Madras. 2 centuries later, Jenny Mallin, the great-great-great-great-grand-daughter of Benjamin and his wife Frances, came to be the proud custodian of a family recipe book from 1844 that recorded recipes from 5 generations of women in her family.  Realizing the value of her inheritance she embarked on a project to document her heritage for the world. When she lost her father in 2010, Jenny realized time was running out, she could lose her mother soon too. That catalyzed her into writing this book. Doubts did rise along the way about whether she was betraying these ladies. But she did not want the legacy to end with her so she would read a recipe from the book to her mother every day, cook a dish, ask her opinion and perfect it. Over 3 years, she researched and perfected more than 500 recipes this way. 

Jenny Mallin was born and brought up in the UK. A former researcher with the BBC she also worked with MNCs such as Vodafone and Glaxo. Her passion for cooking, coupled with that for India, research and writing has resulted in a memoir, combining the history of her family when they lived in India, with that of her grandmother’s recipes, passed down through five generations.  As a proud custodian of a recipe book that dates back to 1844, she has managed to share the glimpse into a fascinating period of time in Indian history.

Recipes in the book date back from as far as 1844 to her own present day recipes. Readers can look forward to dishes such as Country Captain, Coconut Pepperwater and kulkuls that are unique to Anglo-Indian cuisine, each with an interesting story. For instance, the Country Captain which is a chicken curry; traces back to the British Raj in the 1800s. Then British trade ships were called country ships and their captains were known as Country Captains.

When Rushina was introduced to Jenny by a mutual friend, she was very excited, The APB Food Book Club was in the works and it was created to showcase authors and books like this. “The APB Food Book Club is all about people who are enthusiastic about food and cookbooks. We are passionate about the journey of food, the little stories, and trivia that bring a recipe alive. And what better way for this to happen than with meetings like this where we can cook and learn the stories of food and the little secrets of the kitchen from the author of a book itself.”

1. It will be an Author Talk along with the presentation about her book.

This will be   followed by Q&A. 7th December at The K.R.Cama Institute Building.

Contact Details: 022-2284 3893

2. ‘An Anglo-Indian Christmas with Chef Jenny’. A precursor to Christmas from the days of the Raj comes this special festival.

The author of ‘A Grandmother’s Legacy’ and self-taught Chef, Jenny Mallin curates and cooks up a special menu from her book with Chefs from Renaissance at Lake View Café.

Come, interact with her and savor a slice of history at the Renaissance, Mumbai. Dinner reservations are open on 6th, 8th& 9th December at Lake View Café, Renaissance Mumbai Convention Centre Hotel.

Contact Details: 022 6692 7777 3. Unveiling of the book “A Grandmother’s Legacy” by Jenny Mallin for #APBFoodBookClub members.

“A Grandmother’s Legacy” will be unveiled by Chef Ranveer Brar and Rushina Munshaw-Ghildiyal for the members of the APB Food Book Club. This will be followed by a cooking demonstration and Q&A with the Author. The event will conclude with High Tea.9th December at APB Cook Studio, 301, Srishti Plaza, Saki Vihar Road, Andheri (East), Mumbai.

Contact Details: 022-42152799