{APB FOOD BOOK CLUB} The Club turns 1!

The APB Food Book Club turned 1 year old this November. To celebrate this accomplishment, Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal hosted a celebration in partnership with Mumbaimoms.com at Title Waves Book Store, Bandra. The event featured an enlightening Panel Discussion on ‘The Future of Cookbooks in India moderated by eminent columnist and food writer Vikram Doctor. Panelists included renowned publishers & cookbook authors Debasri Rakshit ( Senior Commissioning Editor Harper Collins), Chef Varun Inamdar, Chef Ranveer Brar and Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal herself.



We were touched at how many of our members and friends turned out on a Sunday Morning! And the event started out with our old and new members coming together like old friends, with many discussions ensuing of food, food books and other topics. The panel discussion was inspirational ranging over topics as diverse as “were Food books still relevant?” to sharing information about cookbooks from regional languages, small publishers and self published authors that existed but do not make it to mainstream such as Anna He Apoornabrahma a book on Dalit cuisine, Ragi Ragini a book on Ragi traditions and recipes and more. The panel also talked about the relevance of food styling, illustrations over images and the need for streamlining content, Most expressed a wish for collaborative cookbooks and much more! It was a riveting discussion that created many thoughts and further conversations. The conclusion was that cookbooks were indeed still relevant, but with lesser titles being published that would be stronger on quality content and relevant to specific audiences.

The event concluded with a high tea of treats from recipes in some of the books that had been featured in our food book clob events in the past year, including Nani’s Date Cake from A Pinch of This, A Handful of That by Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal, Curry Puffs and Ophelia’s Christmas cake from A Grandmother’s Legacy by Jenny Mallin, Anzac Cookies from Planet Gastronomy by Ananya Banerjee Corn Chaat Muffins and delicious mini Apple Tarts by one of our favourite partners Tanvi Maniar of Fleur de Lys Patisserie. All the treats were washed down with fantastic Coffee and tea from Di Bella.

The event saw some of the food worlds most recognized who are members and supporters in attendance including Chef Saransh Goila, Food Bloggers Nikhil Merchant, Romi Purakayastha, Perzen patel, Zinia Irani (Branded Bawi), Pooja Khanna, Disha Khurana, Ananya Banergee, Shilpa Chawla of Khao Pio Local.


“It was a wonderful, wonderful morning! A true celebration of everything that the APB Food Book Club stands for! With the finest of the food fraternity coming together with our members, with authors and food lovers having conversations about food and cook books. And Title Waves was the perfect venue, their food book section is one of the most well curated ones in the city, and that fantastic Di Bella Coffee to sip on while browsing make it a prefect place for book lovers like me! We have such few places that celebrate books today and cookbooks even less so!” says Rushina Munshaw Ghildiyal founder of the APB Food Book Club

{ANNOUNCEMENT} In case you missed the big birthday bash, we are happy to share with you our December event.The APB Food Book Club is proud to partner with Pan Macmillan India to launch the latest book by the brilliant author Monisha Bharadwaj ‘THE INDIAN COOKERY COURSE’ at Title Waves Books store in Bandra on 20 Dec at 5:30. Monisha Bhardwaj is an internationally renowned author with several books on Indian food published including the erudite Indian Pantry and more. And the Indian Cookery Course is a book that anyone with an interest in cooking Indian food should invest in.