Hi there!

Always wanted to bake your own bread? Perhaps press your own pasta from scratch?  Perfect that Paella you loved in Spain? Or try your hand at Tiramisu? And did the questions where, how, what hold you back? We went through all of these things as well. Over time, we answered each of these questions, explored all the intricacies of taste and flavour and discovered a delicious secret. There is nothing like sharing food cooked together at a table surrounded with those you love. It was something we wanted to share with everyone.

Welcome to the APB Cook Studio. This is a special project close to our heart. For a long time, we dreamed of creating a buzzing little space where people could really get involved with food. This dream is now a reality! (Check out our story through this slideshow) . And so after much planning and hard work we have created the APB Cook Studio a space where we hope to help answer all of those culinary questions and achieve all those foodie aspirations that you might have. We’ve worked hard to bring together a dream kitchen, with fantastic equipment, beautiful ingredients, excellent coaches and a fabulous kitchen team and we hope you have the most delicious experience in our studio.

The APB Cook Studio is a big, beautifully put together kitchen laid out in faux and real wood and stocked up with all of the stuff that any food lover or cook’s dreams are made of. Featuring brands we have worked with and LOVE. Sleek, state of the art gleaming appliances from Siemens that work magic, a pantry full off Tupperware, filled with ingredients from all over the world, individual workstations stocked with gadgets from Kenwood, cookware from Arttdinox knives from Scanpan and Victorinox, a library of all books food, a team of fantastic food loving instructors and chefs to make sure you experience your food and not just cook it!

There’s something for everyone here. Whether you’re a complete beginner or a seasoned cook, you are welcome here; ask questions, learn new skills, get inspired, learn new things, experiment and try some really good food. Browse through our Cooking Events and Consultancy pages to know more about our vision.

So come into one of our sessions, watch and learn or jump right into a cookalong. Touch, feel, taste, experience and get inspired. This is good food made fun, for you!

Rushina and Shekhar Ghildiyal